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    Hobcaw Swim Team Handbook

    Hobcaw Swim Team 2018

    Welcome to the 2018 season of the Hobcaw Marlins! We are fortunate to have Mary B. Shaw leading our team as head coach, along with assistant coaches Grace Lee and Tara Boone. We look forward to another successful season. We have many exciting events planned during the season in hopes of providing our swimmers with a fun-filled experience this summer.

    Remember to visit our team website at for important swim team news and information

    Please read this handbook carefully. It is filled with a lot of important information, for both new and returning swimmers. Also, please sign and return the Swimmer’s Agreement at the end of the book. Have a great season!

    Let’s Go Marlins!

    Head Coach: Mary B. Shaw

    Phone: 834-3334, e-mail:

    Assistant Coaches: Tara Boone, Grace Lee

    Swim Team Board:

    Team Representative: Tiffany Moye (270-6896)

    Treasurer: Brent Boyd (843-478-1831)

    Concessions Buyers: Leigh Cledakis (336-508-5033)

    Apparel: Laura Rembert (345-7737)

    Social Activities: 

    Volunteer Coordinators: Blair Perry 

    Communications: Anne Kelley 843-532-9677

    Banquet Coordinator:  Jayme Mcleod/Susan Irvine

    Team Administrator: Holland Burns

    Sponsor Liaison: Molly Butler

    City Meet Coordinator: Carrie Hutto (910-364-2733)

    Marketing: Kris Wachsmuth

    HYC Pool: 884-6915

    Coastal Carolina Aquatic Association (CCAA) Web Site:

    Check this site for league info, schedules, meet results, and other important information.

    Google Map links with maps/directions to away meets are provided within the Meet Schedule.


    The Hobcaw Swim team wants to provide a fun-filled, educational and safe experience for all swimmers. We believe that all swimmers are important to the team and will strive to reward effort and commitment to the team, not just speed! We expect positive, courteous attitudes and good sportsmanship from all team members and parents and a sincere desire to learn to swim better and be a committed team member.


    All swimmers are encouraged to give their best effort during practice and meets. All swimmers should come to practice prepared to work hard


    Parents are vital to the team. The board members and coaches welcome all input and comments from parents. Please call on off-meet days, as meet days are very hectic and require extra time and effort on the part of everyone. The coaches are instructing as well as acting as lifeguards during practice, so please give them a call after practices and meets. Parents are urged to remember that the coaches are in charge of a team of around 250 swimmers. That is like coaching 18 soccer teams at once.

    Registration for our team website will open on Friday, April 16, 2018. Please log on to to register your children and sign up for your three (7 & older swimmers) and two (6 & under) volunteer shifts which will open Wednesday, May 2 at 9:00 am. If you already have an account from last year, please log back in to update your information and become familiar with the website again. Every member of the team needs to register on Swimtopia.

    This season at least one parent per family will be required to volunteer at two social events (if your oldest swimmer is 6 and under) OR three meets (if your oldest swimmer is 7 and up). See exception at Concession Sales and Grill duties. With eight or more meets per season and multiple social events, the opportunities to volunteer are endless. Each meet requires 30 to 35 volunteer parents to cover the required duties. Look over the following job descriptions and decide which ones best suit your talents. Please do read them all because a general understanding of everyone’s task will make yours easier.

    Meet Manager: (One needed each meet)

    Meet managers are responsible for making sure that all volunteer positions are filled for the meet, making sure that everyone has supplies necessary for their positions, and collecting all supplies at the end of the meet.

    Meet Referee: (One per away meet)

    The Referee must attend a special referee course and become certified in order to perform this job. Previously certified referees must take a refresher class and test to become recertified.

    Prior to the start of the meet, the Referee shall ensure that all judges are in attendance. The Starter shall commence the meet after being told to do so by the Referee. The Referee has full authority over all meet officials.

    Stroke and Turn Judge: (One needed per home meet)

    This responsibility requires CCAA certification. Mandatory training sessions are in May; see the team representative for details.

    This judge should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and report to the Officials’ Table near the starting blocks. The volunteer meet organizers will check you in and give you the necessary material and review your task with you. (Do not check in with the coaches.)

    The Stroke and Turn Judge walks abreast of the swimmers during all strokes except freestyle and ensures that all the rules relating to the style of swimming designated for this event are being observed. The Judge shall also ensure that when turning and finishing, the swimmers comply with the turning and finishing rules applicable to the stroke being used. They shall report any violations to the Meet Referee on signed slips detailing the event, the lane number and the infraction.

    Starter: and Reset Timer: (One of each needed per home meet)

    This responsibility requires some swimming knowledge; optional CCAA training is available, but not required; see the team representative for details.

    The Starter and Reset Timer should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and report to the Officials’ Table near the starting blocks. The volunteer meet organizers will check you in and give you the necessary materials and review your tasks with you. (Do not check in with the coaches.)

    At the commencement of the meet, the Referee shall signal to the Starter that the meet shall begin. The Starter uses Hobcaw’s megaphone to announce the start of the meet and each event. The Starter shall tell each swimmer what they are swimming: (i.e. “This is boys, 9 and 10 years old, freestyle, two laps, up the pool and back.”) The Starter then tells the swimmers to get up on the blocks, or in the water for backstroke, to take their marks, and then starts the race with the alarm button on the megaphone. In the event of false starts, the Starter shall sound the alarm several times and, once ready, start the race again. The Reset Timer will work with the Starter to reset and start the Dolphin timing system before each heat.

    Timers: (Six needed for each meet)

    These volunteers should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and report to the Official’s Table near the starting blocks. The volunteer meet organizers will check you in and give you the necessary material and review your task with you. (Do not check in with the coaches.)

    Timers record all Hobcaw swimmers’ times - point and exhibition swimmers. This information is used by the coaches and helps swimmers track their progress. We have two timers per lane.

    Each timer is given a Dolphin timer, pencil and clipboard with the heat sheets; all events are listed in order with the names of the Hobcaw swimmers. Prior to the start of the meet become familiar with the stopwatch so you can take accurate times.

    The visiting team will choose their lanes; the meet Referee will get this information. Each timer should select a lane to time. Usually there are six lanes total with four lanes for points and two lanes (the two outside lanes) for exhibition swimmers.

    Prior to each race, ask the swimmer her name (for the 5/6 and 7/8 year-olds you will get the name after the race as the swimmers exit the pool). Record the time on the heat sheet.

    Timers stay on the pool end with the starting blocks. The 5/6 and 7/8 year-olds only swim one lap so they start on the opposite end. Be careful to stop the timer as soon as the swimmer touches the wall (but not before!). Remember to provide a word of encouragement to your swimmer prior to and following each race.

    Place Judges: (Two needed for each meet)

    These volunteers should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and report to the Official’s Table near the starting blocks. The volunteer meet organizers will check you in and give you the necessary material and review your task with you. (Do not check in with the coaches.)

    At home meets, Hobcaw provides the first and third-place judges and at away-meets we supply the second and fourth place judges. Upon your arrival at the meet you will be assigned which place you will judge. You will wear a color-coded visor: blue for first place, red for second place, white for third and yellow for fourth. Place Judges should carefully watch each event and determine who finishes in your assigned place. Once you know who finished in your assigned place, walk over to that lane and greet the swimmer as he exits the pool and then walk him over to the Officials’ Table. Place judges should get in order, the first place judge approaching the table first, followed by the second, etc., and taking turns; announce the place and team name of their swimmer. By approaching the table in order, the Recorder, Scorekeeper and Ribbon Distributor will be able to keep pace.

    Ribbon Distributor: (One per home meet)

    This person should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and report to the Officials’ Table near the starting blocks. The volunteer meet organizers will check you in and give you the necessary material and review your task with you. (Do not check in with the coaches.)

    The Ribbon Distributor passes out ribbons to the swimmers immediately following their event. First place swimmers receive blue ribbons; second place red ribbons, third place white and fourth place yellow. After each event the Place Judges will escort the swimmers to the Officials’ Table and announce each place winner. The First Place Judge will announce first, followed by the Second Place Judge, etc. You will notice that the judges wear color-coded visors for the place they are judging: blue for first, red for second, white for third and yellow for fourth. Please be aware that the ribbons are in order by event and each ribbon has a sticker on the back corresponding to the event.

    In the event of a tie, give out two ribbons, pulling the extra ribbon from the extra stack. Do not present the ribbon for the space below the tie. Example: if there is a tie for first, give out two first place ribbons, a third place and a fourth place ribbon, but no second place ribbon. Exhibition swimmers should always be offered an exhibition ribbon.

    In the case of a disqualification, or if there are fewer that four swimmers competing for points, do not award the unused ribbons. Disqualified swimmers should be offered an exhibition ribbon.

    Recorder and Scorekeeper: (One of each needed for each meet)

    These people should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meetand report to the Officials’ Table near the starting blocks. The volunteer meet organizers will check you in, give you the necessary material and review your task with you. (Do not check in with the coaches.)

    The Recorder records what place (first, second, third) Hobcaw swimmers finish on an official Heat Sheet. The Heat Sheet is the list of all swimming events in the order they are swum with who swims each event. The recorder simply asks each swimmer their name and place when the swimmers are escorted to the table by the Place Judges. Place Judges wear color-coded visors for their finish place: blue for first, red for second, and white for third. Meanwhile, the opposing team also has a Recorder doing the same thing beside you. In the event of a score discrepancy, both Recorders’ records will be reviewed to reconcile the problem.

    The Scorekeeper uses a form listing all the events and the points for each event with one column for the home team and one for the visiting team. For each event, the scorekeeper records a subtotal and a running total for both teams. Meanwhile the opposing team also has a Scorekeeper doing the same thing. Place Judges announce which team wins each place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in a very easy to follow fashion after each event. This job requires simple math skills. For relays, first place earns 7 points. For individual events points are earned as follows: first =5 points, second=3 points and third= 1 point. The scorekeeping form is easy to follow and the slow pace of the meet makes this job easier than it sounds.

    Child Supervisor: (Nine needed per meet)

    This supervisor works to line up and supervise the swimmers. There are two to four supervisors for each of the following groups: 7/8’s, 9/10’s, and 11/12’s. Supervisors wear color-coded signs identifying them as such and are given a heat sheet (the list of swimmers swimming each event). Each group of children reports to a designated area and is to stay there for the duration of the meet. The supervisors gather the swimmers for each event and walk them to the starting area prior to their event. One supervisor can stay with the swimmers ready to swim an event while another supervisor stays with the children not swimming in that event. Please note that supervision will no longer be provided for the 6 and under age group during meets. Parents are to walk 6 and under swimmers to the starting area prior to their event and pick swimmers up immediately after the event.

    Concession Sales and Grill: 

    At home meets, this is a very important job, as concessions raise important funds for the team and keep registration fees minimized


    Our coaches act as role models for our swimmers in regard to good sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, manners and team spirit. We ask all swimmers and parents to offer their support whenever possible. Feel free to contact the head coach by phone or e-mail, or before or after practice. Coaches will be busy with many duties during practice and need to be focused on the swimmers. Any questions regarding swimming issues should be directed to the coaches. Any management issues should be directed to a board member. Coaches will make sure that all swimmers are taught the correct strokes, starts and turns, and will recommend additional assistance if necessary. Coaches will keep times on each swimmer and update the records regularly. The coaches have the final say in completing heat sheets for the swim meets. Please get to know our coaches. This helps everyone communicate and get a better understanding of how the swimmers are progressing.


    There are eight meets per season and a three-day City Meet at the end of the season. All swimmers (ages 7 and over) will be required to declare their status in Swimtopia if they are available or unavailable for swim meets. Attendance at all practices is strongly encouraged to improve times, strokes and prepare for the swim meets.

    Meets begin at 6:30 pm. All swimmers must arrive at 5:15 for warm-ups before each meet. Heat sheets cannot be changed, so it is very important that all swimmers be present and accounted for by 5:30. Swimmers need to check in with the head coach upon arrival at the meet. Warm-ups are scheduled by age group and swimmers need to sit with their age-group so that they can be lined up for their events. All swimmers need to eat before the meet. Swimmers should not be “hanging out” at the concession stand during swim meets.

    Only two swimmers per age group per event swim for points. Points are awarded for first, second and third place. Swimmers not swimming for points swim exhibition. They still get a ribbon, but do not earn any points for their team, regardless of what place they finish. Most children will swim exhibition, but it is important to swim your best whether for points or exhibition. Times will be recorded for all swimmers. Swimmers should aim to beat their own previous time in each event they swim.

    Swimmers with the fastest times get to swim in the relays so swimming against the clock rather than other swimmers is the goal to keep in mind. There are two types of relays per age group. The free relay is four swimmers swimming freestyle each leg of the race with a team of boys vs. boys and girls vs. girls. The mixed medley relay consists of four swimmers (two boys and two girls) with one swimming backstroke, one butterfly, one breast and one free. The relays start with the 7-8 age group; the 5-6’s do not swim relays.

    Each meet starts off with the mixed medley relays, followed by the 5-6’s swimming exhibition freestyle. Then the other age groups swim freestyle, followed by butterfly, back stroke, breast and the individual medley. The meet ends with the free relays, which can make all the difference in an especially close meet. The meets usually end around 9:30 pm.


    Practice times are listed in the handbook. Parents and swimmers should watch for changes, announcements and other important information on the message board outside the clubhouse. Make sure that we have your correct e-mail address because we will be emailing updates and announcements throughout the season. Check the Hobcaw Yacht Club website for important information also. Practices will not be canceled unless there are dangerous weather conditions. If it’s just raining, there will be a dry-land practice or the coaches will take time to sit down with each swimmer and discuss goals and improvements. Call the pool fifteen minutes before practice if unsure. The lifeguards will know if the pool is open for practice. Never assume that practice has been canceled. “Fun days” will only make up a portion of a practice, if the coaches decide to schedule one.


    We have a buddy program for the swim team. A "fun day" is held at the beginning of the season to match swimmers and explain the "buddy system." Each older swimmer is paired with one or more younger "buddies" to interact with throughout the season. Social events are planned for swimmers to spend some time with their buddies. Buddies are encouraged to cheer for each other at the meets, talk to them when they see them at practice or around the pool, and get to know them. Older buddies can even assist their younger buddies with their strokes and swimming techniques. Each team member is important and it is up to YOU to make sure your buddy feels encouraged and welcome. Both of you will benefit and make our team a fun place to be. If you have any questions about this program, just ask a coach.


    Time trials will be held on May 31 at 4:00 pm. They provide a baseline for each swimmer to see their progress over the summer.


    More information about stoke clinics will be available soon. Assistant Coaches can be contacted for private lessons. Any questions regarding swim team issues should be directed to our head coach, Mary B Shaw, not to the assistant coaches. Thank you.

    Grace Lee – (803) 834-0089

    Tara Boone – (843) 452-9239


    Included in the handbook is a “Swimmers Agreement.” We ask all families to discuss the information included in the agreement and we ask parents to discuss with their swimmers the team policy and rules for participation and behavior. We will have about 250 swimmers and although our disciplinary issues and problems have been few in the past, we feel the need to clarify our position for the safety and well-being of all swimmers. Any problems that arise will be dealt with “one-on-one” between the swimmer and the coaches. If necessary, parents will be contacted. If difficulties persist, the Swim Team Board may be asked to intervene, and although we hope any problems can be readily resolved, the coaches and board do reserve the right to ask a swimmer not to return to the team should that be necessary. PLEASE discuss the agreement with your swimmer and return the signed form to the coaches during the first week of practice.


    The Coastal Carolina Aquatics Association City Meet for this year has been set for Friday, July 13 through Sunday, July 15 at the Goose Creek Community Pool at Crowfield. The swimmers with the fastest times during the season will be selected to represent Hobcaw at the City Meet. A preliminary City Meet list will go out to parents two weeks before the end of the season listing who may be eligible to participate. This will help determine availability of the swimmers. Our standing in the CCAA swim league is based solely on our placement in the City Meet. We encourage all swimmers and their families to come out and support the team at the City Meet. It is always an exciting event!

    2018 Swimmer’s Agreement

    We would like the 2018 Hobcaw Swim team experience to be a happy one. Participation in a summer league swim team has many benefits including an emphasis on youth fitness and team experience.

    The feeling of camaraderie and team spirit is one of the most important benefits to our swimmers. Each summer, the children look forward to seeing their friends and swimming together as the Hobcaw Marlins. Every swimmer is important to the Hobcaw Swim Team.

    The privilege of participating on a team requires responsibility, self-discipline and sportsmanship. Hobcaw parents are expected to work together with the coaches in teaching these life skills. Please take a few minutes to discuss with your child the importance of showing respect and support for each team member, treating other team members, as your child would wish to be treated, and acting responsibly. Any behavior leading to personal injury or to the destruction of pool facilities or continued infractions of conduct rules will not be tolerated and may result in immediate suspension or removal from the team without refund. Please review this agreement with all of your swimmers prior to their first practice.

    We look forward to seeing you at the pool. GO MARLINS!

    HYC Swim Team Board and Coaches

             I promise to:

    1. Listen to the coaches

    2. Act responsibly

    3. Come to practice

    4. Swim my best

    5. Support my team

    6. Treat others with respect

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